The Burlingame Music Club ( BMC), founded in 1930 by local music teachers, is recognized as a music lover’s gem on the San Francisco Bay Area Peninsula. The major purpose of BMC is to provide competitive performance opportunities in a warm and supportive environment for gifted young musicians. Student performers compete for cash awards, but more importantly, the BMC experience can open doors for all student participants to future opportunities. In this 87th year, BMC will continue to focus on the development of young musicians by promoting friendly competition, rewarding excellence and encouraging them to reach their highest levels of achievement. This experience, along with the availability of other phenomenal organizations in the Bay Area, will help young music students shape the music landscape of the future.

BMC monthly programs combine performances by student musicians, who will ultimately compete for the BMC awards, with guest musicians. In the Bay Area, we are fortunate to be able to tap into a highly diverse professional music community. These musicians expand our horizons and inspire us with performances often drawn from music from other parts of the world and representing a wide array of genres, styles and eras. Each year, BMC kicks off its season honoring a select group of music teachers of our prize-winning students. These teachers are the vital links between us and the traditions of the composers of the past, present and into future. They inspire their students and all of us to the highest levels of excellence, creativity and love of music. This annual event is BMC’s major fundraiser and we invite all to join us in the fall.

BMC is a non-profit organization and proud member of The National Federation of Music Clubs.

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